Alexandra Akpan-Nya, Alexandra Emem is an aspiring writer, pretend-poet and editor from the south-south of Nigeria. Educated in the sciences, she has short stories and poems published in various blogs. She loves to scribble and play with original ideas, with a fascination for the horror genre and, weirdly enough, children literature. Her interests include dabbling in flash fiction, travelling and the fine art of sarcasm. She dreams of writing norm-breaking bestsellers that will inspire deep thought and the occasional chuckle.
  • Made Of Salt I grew up in Badagry, a coastal town on the edge of Lagos, Nigeria. So I spent most of my growing years by the beach. It wasn’t the usual gated, busy type of beach, full of hustling vendors, the occasional pickpocket and people looking for ways to show off their bodies in skimpy beachwear. I […] 36 responses June 3, 2016
  • The Passenger Sandra limped through the dark neighbourhood, jumping at every rustle and creak. Her feet were bare and she shivered in her short, blue gown as the harmattan breeze danced around her body. Eyes wide, she kept glancing around, clutching the burden in her arms as unfamiliar buildings loomed over her in the darkness. She had […] 24 responses May 27, 2016
  • POL 101: The Science Of Treachery The two men stood close enough for their potbellies to touch, nostrils flaring like those of raging bulls as their chests rose and fell in anger. They held each other’s gaze without blinking, even though their halitosis-rich breath was offensive enough to induce tears. Around them, the chaos in the senate chamber raged on. Angry […] 45 responses May 20, 2016
  • Love, Again “Sir, what exactly do you want? I have a lot of other work to do.” Charles bit back a small smile. The waitress standing over him seemed annoyed, her brow furrowed like a freshly ploughed cassava farm. He could feel the irritation radiating off her like she was the bonnet of an overworked car. “I’m […] 55 responses May 13, 2016