Ifeanyichukwu Ifeanyi Ibegbu is an Economics undergraduate at the University of Ibadan where she is a campus journalist, studies out of habit, writes both as a hobby and a vocation, reads and talks because these are as necessary as breathing and over-thinks because she cannot help it. When she is not lamenting about schoolwork or crumbling under the pressure of it, she finds solace in stringing words together and hopes that one day, this will help her make sense of life. Other times, she earns part of a living making beaded jewellery. She is always reading, talking or thinking. Ifeanyi loves art, sugar and sleep. When she remembers to, she blogs at www.lapenseuse21.wordpress.com
  • Wanderer At night, when Mummy and Daddy are sleeping and making all those noises like pigs, I like to fly around the bedroom they have left me to sleep in. I’ve always wanted to tell them that I don’t need a bedroom. That I don’t sleep. But my friends have told me not to, and I […] 11 responses May 27, 2016
  • “Holier Thief” At Maria Gorretti Convent Primary School, there were rules for everything. Your shirt had to be immaculate white – like the heart of Mary, according to our headmistress, Sister Josephine. Your shoes had to be shiny black. Your nails had to be low enough that your fingertips were clearly visible from a distance. And you […] 33 responses May 20, 2016
  • Ruined The first mistake was applying for the undergraduate degree in Economics, and she should have known that she was on the wrong path, even before Richard, her childhood friend, told her. His face had been crumpled like an unwanted piece of paper heading for the dustbin- so much that it seemed as though his creased […] 20 responses May 13, 2016