Ekari Mbvundula I have been writing all my life, but I've been publishing my work for 5 years mostly on my blog http://ekarimbvundula.blogspot.com. My fiction has short stories like The Elephant in the Room, about a Malawian student who works as a waiter in a parallel world discovered through a portal in Cape Town. Montague's Last is my latest short story about a Chewa man in an 18th Century French dungeon, building a machine he hopes will give him atonement for his sins. Montague's Last is available in audio form as well. One story is light-hearted and the other is quite dark, which I hope reflects my writing range in future. I would like to explore many styles, genres and tones before I put my pen down for good. If you'd like to read my fiction and non-fiction work, start at my blog. I have a motto, that I "weave words into worlds". This is an ambition where I hope to one day rank my work alongside the great fantasy and scifi writers who have inspired me. The real magic comes by turning these flat black symbols we call words into dreamscapes in the mind. Whenever I write, I aim to achieve that. I'm currently drafting my first novel, a speculative fiction about Malawi in a future where robots of all sizes become a part of the society, and environmentalism is strictly enforced by law. My influences include (but not limited to) JK Rowling, Eoin Colfer, and Octavia Butler. For tips on the craft, I am a regular listener of the podcast www.writingexcuses.com. I think The Writer Competition is a good way for me to push my creative limits, learn from others through healthy competition, and to bring the modern public's attention back to the fine art of storytelling in general, and specifically in Africa.
  • Straight Through The Heart At 6 years old, dying is something that happens to other people. Actually, it doesn’t happens at all, outside of funny (temporary) cartoon deaths and some distant relatives whose funerals you aren’t allowed to attend anyway. Aside from playing dead with your tongue hanging out oh-so-convincingly, you do know one thing for sure – that […] 45 responses June 3, 2016
  • No Room For The Dead The knock came at 2:51pm, echoing over the mourners on the living room floor. Vinjeru Mkandawire stood fast, but Uncle Mike blocked him. He stared wide-eyed at his grim uncle. “What are we going to do?” he whimpered. Without replying, his uncle rose to answer the door, and Vinjeru followed, stepping carefully around puzzled mourners. […] 10 responses May 27, 2016
  • Blood Feud When Pamela Mvula woke up that morning, she was resolute. She had just sent to print the biggest story her 3 year old newspaper had ever done. This day could be her last as editor-in-chief for The Crystal. Nobody who had ever written a scandal about the President of Nangonaland went on to live a […] 20 responses May 20, 2016
  • The Chief’s Daughter, The Warrior and The Grootslang In ancient Afrika, there was an empire known as the Maravi Kingdom, ruled by Chief Nzelu of the Lomwe Tribe. She had six children, and her third and most curious daughter was Nanzi. Nanzi’s curiosity often led her far from the boundaries of her tribe, in spite of being repeatedly punished. One day, when Nanzi […] 26 responses May 13, 2016