'Suyi Davies Okungbowa Suyi lives in Lagos, Nigeria, and writes mostly crime and speculative fiction, though he'd rather live in a shoo-away community elsewhere, surrounded by books, white chocolate and a force-field around his keyboard that repels all intruders. He has published or has works forthcoming at Lightspeed, Nightmare, Apex, Mothership Zeta, Omenana, Jungle Jim, The Kalahari Review, Klorofyl Magazine and Wazi. His audio narration performances have appeared on Escape Pod and ShortSharpShot. When he’s not writing, Suyi works as a Visual Designer. In-between, he plays piano, guitar, PS4, and searches for spaces to fit new bookshelves.
  • When Happy Hurts On a sweltering harmattan afternoon when I was nine, my father lied to me for the first time. “You’re special,” he said. I had just emerged from an entrance exam into a prestigious Government Navy Secondary School in Maiduguri. We sat under the shade of a neem tree at the edge of the school’s football […] 15 responses June 3, 2016
  • How (Not) To Train Your Alien On Taakhe’s two-hundredth moonday, I gift her another alien companion. The straight, medium-sized thing is delivered in a carefully cryonized transparent enclosure, with instructions not to open until specific gravity, pressure and oxygen conditions have been recreated within. I attach an EXTREMELY FRAGILE warning before I send it via manual flash delivery. The last one I’d tried to […] 11 responses May 27, 2016
  • And, Peace I remember the seas taking over Lagos in my sleep. The dream is mixed in with childhood Genesis stories, and Noah, sporting a thick gray beard, is there with Weli and I. Efem is in the baby carrier with which she was delivered to me, soundly asleep. “Get in, go, go!” I scream, as the […] 7 responses May 20, 2016
  • Bleed I. Sometimes, blood flows “Hope you still ordered the baby names encyclopedia?” “Yehp,” Paulie says, leaning across the chair to massage my shoulder. “Not like we need it, though.” “Don’t even start.” “Cammahn,” he says, grinning, “Imagine roll call at school.” He does an impersonation of a Hollywood voiceover. “Tyrion Obasohan, first of his name.” […] 26 responses May 13, 2016