AJ Dafeta Anne is a writer who loves exploring different genres through her writing, but her main joys come from writing otherworldly fiction and fantasy. Growing up, she liked to play pretend with her siblings, and together they would create imaginary worlds where they would lose themselves playing for hours. While she no longer plays pretend, she now creates her own worlds through her stories. As a lover of all form of storytelling, she loves to read and watch television, and these have birthed the bulk of her inspiration. She has written several short stories including, The Last Ride, which was featured in Klorofyl Magazine’s 5th anniversary Nomads themed issue. Some of her other work can be found on her blog, www.ajdafeta.wordpress.com. Beyond writing, she actually has a day job as an Information Technology Specialist, where she helps deliver payment solutions to businesses; and when she is not working, or writing, she likes to play her guitar.
  • The Genesis Project It always started with the flickering of lights, the thinning of air, and the indistinct whirring that signified the opening of the portal. But no one saw it, the flickering that is, and no one heard the whirring. No one felt the air suddenly go thin like there wasn’t enough oxygen in the open space. […] 7 responses May 27, 2016
  • The Candidate The news moved from one door to the next, traveling through the rows of haphazardly arranged houses  in downtown Ajegunle, till it turned and made its way back up the gossip channel to classier end of Babariba Street where it had started. Dogoro Bai is dead! Inspector Sina stood over the still body of the […] 15 responses May 20, 2016
  • Raindrops And Ten Calls The clouds gathered in the sky for the first time in nearly six months; dark and rich, and thick with rain. Iria’s heart became heavy at their sight. Their appearance meant he had started to shut it down. He had been right, and now he would be gone at any moment. She wished that the […] 19 responses May 13, 2016