Abidemi Abudu My full name is Abidemi Amina Abudu nee Mohammed. I'm the mother of a 4 month old daughter and I've been married to my best friend for 2 and a half years. I graduated as a medical doctor from LUTH in 2008 and I'm currently specializing in Ophthalmology. I spend most of my free time watching films, writing and reading. My dream-job is filmmaking. I'm a keen follower of football and politics and a keen observer of life. I was born and bred in Lagos (Eko for show!) and I'm an unapologetic realist. Usually compassionate and kind but I never suffer fools. I'm an amateur writer and I'm yet to publish anything. Most of my writing is for the scrutiny of my friends and the sarcasm of my husband.
  • The Butterfly Effect She stood at the door of their home watching him get into the car with their son who he was going to drop off at school. She rubbed her neck where he had strangled her the night before and managed a weak smile and a wave, more for the benefit of her neighbours than for […] 66 responses May 27, 2016
  • Basic Instinct The party had given me an ultimatum, denounce my Father and become the vice-presidential candidate at the next election or continue to lobby for his release and commit political suicide. Being vice president positioned me to become the first female president of Nigeria but I couldn’t denounce my father, could I? The ride from my […] 56 responses May 20, 2016
  • Requiem For A Dream After forty, everything starts to go downhill. Breasts surrender to gravity, toned arms and legs succumb to flab and as for the abdomen; don’t get me started on how it takes two girdles, one on top of the other to maintain any semblance of flatness. This was me looking at myself in the mirror on […] 18 responses May 13, 2016