• The Candidate

    The news moved from one door to the next, traveling through the rows of haphazardly arranged houses  in downtown Ajegunle, till it turned and made its way back up the gossip channel to classier end of Babariba Street where it had started. Dogoro Bai is dead! Inspector Sina stood over the still body of the […]

    AJ Dafeta 15 responses May 20, 2016
  • Politics Is Drama

    Everything started falling apart on Monday, when Ibrahim Hidara stood up and requested permission to address the Parliament. The Chief of the Parliament, Chudi Oduola, had squinted before nodding and smiling in consent. Ibrahim was Oduola’s closest companion and it was clear to everyone why. He had been at the forefront of Oduola’s meteoric rise […]

    Ezinne Zara 10 responses May 20, 2016
  • POL 101: The Science Of Treachery

    The two men stood close enough for their potbellies to touch, nostrils flaring like those of raging bulls as their chests rose and fell in anger. They held each other’s gaze without blinking, even though their halitosis-rich breath was offensive enough to induce tears. Around them, the chaos in the senate chamber raged on. Angry […]

    Alexandra 45 responses May 20, 2016
  • Old Soldier

    President Dandagoro stood before the closet mirror preening; turning this way and that, he admired the sheen of his naked skin like a beauty contestant. Wiry by nature and military training, he had not gone to seed like most of his age-mates. Tapping his stomach and hearing the resultant thud, he smiled at his reflection […]

    Sibbyl Whyte 31 responses May 20, 2016
  • “Holier Thief”

    At Maria Gorretti Convent Primary School, there were rules for everything. Your shirt had to be immaculate white – like the heart of Mary, according to our headmistress, Sister Josephine. Your shoes had to be shiny black. Your nails had to be low enough that your fingertips were clearly visible from a distance. And you […]

    Ifeanyichukwu 33 responses May 20, 2016
  • Mmirichiha

    In the past, when the skies were closer to men, and men could see the face of the Supreme in the lobes of the kola nut, there were two villages torn by the eye-paining haziness which history sometimes takes upon. They were Nnekaechu and Efufemmiri. Before now these two were neighbors, trading peacefully with each […]

    Osinachi 5 responses May 20, 2016
  • Basic Instinct

    The party had given me an ultimatum, denounce my Father and become the vice-presidential candidate at the next election or continue to lobby for his release and commit political suicide. Being vice president positioned me to become the first female president of Nigeria but I couldn’t denounce my father, could I? The ride from my […]

    Abidemi Abudu 56 responses May 20, 2016
  • Blood Feud

    When Pamela Mvula woke up that morning, she was resolute. She had just sent to print the biggest story her 3 year old newspaper had ever done. This day could be her last as editor-in-chief for The Crystal. Nobody who had ever written a scandal about the President of Nangonaland went on to live a […]

    Ekari Mbvundula 20 responses May 20, 2016
  • And, Peace

    I remember the seas taking over Lagos in my sleep. The dream is mixed in with childhood Genesis stories, and Noah, sporting a thick gray beard, is there with Weli and I. Efem is in the baby carrier with which she was delivered to me, soundly asleep. “Get in, go, go!” I scream, as the […]

    'Suyi Davies Okungbowa 7 responses May 20, 2016