Full Name

Ayotemide Priscilla Akin-Onitolo

Social Media

  • Twitter: @Akinonitolo
  • Facebook: Akin-Onitolo Ayotemide

Current Location

Kano, Nigeria



Short Bio

Ayotemide, more often called ‘Temide’, has always enjoyed reading, especially fiction, and hopes to write some of her own someday, so she spends her leisure improving on her writing amongst other things. One thing she loves doing is meeting people and getting to know them; having a keen interest in people’s actions and the motives behind them, she aims to explore this through her writing. With the guidance of a writing course in which she is presently enrolled, Temide has been opportuned to try her hand at different genres of writing, including poetry. She is currently doing her compulsory youth service in Kano city where she lives with two eccentric housemates.

What will you do with the prize money if you emerge winner?

First, I’m going to celebrate with my cousin who told me about this competition, and my housemate who’s a big fan. If there’s some money left, hopefully there will be, I’ll get a new laptop to make my writing easier.






Ezinne Zara


19 years

Social media

  • Twitter: @orangewriterr
  • Facebook: Ezinne Zara Onyiriuba

Current location

Lagos State, Nigeria



Short Bio

My name is Ezinne Onyiriuba. I am 19 years old and second of the six children my parents have. I am studying Mass Communication at the University of Lagos. Besides writing stories and reading novels, I love eating and singing. I have been writing since age 5, and have written only short stories so far. Some of them are on my blog – www.ezinnezara.wordpress.com . My favorite books include “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by Khaled Hosseini. I can read these two books a hundred times over. I hope to be a published author in a few years. I want to change lives and impact value to society I live in through my writing.

What I would do will the prize money if I emerge winner?

If I emerge winner, I will save the prize money towards my further education in creative writing (as support for my parent’s sponsorship).

One thought on “The Writer 2016 Contestants: Meet Temide And Ezinne

  1. Like father like daughter, another author in the making. I know that you will make it. Hard work pays.

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