After the second round of voting and judging, the following wordsmiths have been evicted from the competition.


Sibbyl Whyte

Ezinne Zara



Please click their names to read their Week 2 submissions. Also, read the judges feedback on their week 2 entries below.


Lauri: There are more exciting ways to tell a fable like story, more modern ways, and these should be tried or else the story itself becomes dated and tired.

Sibbyl Whyte

Tendai: The first part of the story with the president in his room seems a promising buildup, but the entry of secondary characters and the banality of the last half of the story undermines all that. I enjoy the playfulness of the piece, but ultimately it is satire that fails to take us anywhere new.

Ezinne Zara

Titi: Humorous and descriptive. A great subject matter, but unoriginal.

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